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A Pair of Regency Cabinets Veneered with 'Boa Skin' Larchwood.

George Bullock and Co. made the cabinets in 1818 at the cost of 40 guineas each, with the addition of the Tilt marble tops charged at £5-8-6.

John, 4th Duke of Atholl, apparently secured a discount for supplying both the Larchwood and Glen Tilt marble. These materials originated from the estate and were used for the carcases and as ‘oyster’ veneers on the doors and cabinet tops.

The Duke was an esteemed patron of Bullock, often commissioning and buying items from him. The drawer linings and doors are mahogany with ebony columns and insets, including friezes, pilasters and aprons ornamented with Boulle work using tortoiseshell and brass.

Larchwood and marble
109.22 x 154.94 x 53.34 cm

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Blair Castle & Gardens