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After Monet from Meltdown

This print is part of a series of woodcuts derived from canonical paintings by four early modernists: Marcel Duchamp, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Piet Mondrian, and Claude Monet. To make the prints, the artist photographed a reproduction of each work, scanned the photos, and reduced each digital file to twelve pixels using a computer program. These simplified images were used as the source material for the woodcuts, eliminating any detail, brushwork, or distinguishing formal traits among the masterworks, transforming them into abstract variations. Since her emergence in the early 1980s, Levine has been deeply invested in questions of artistic originality, pioneering appropriation art by making copie...
One from a portfolio of four woodcuts
61.0 x 45.8cm
Image © 2019 Sherrie Levine
Text © MoMA - Museum of Modern Art, New York

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