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Self-portrait (or Self-portrait at 26) is the second of Albrecht Dürer's three painted self-portraits, and was executed in oil on wood panel in 1498, after his first trip to Italy. In the depiction, Dürer elevates himself to the social position he believed suited to an artist of his ability. He presents himself in half length, under an arch, turned towards the viewer. He bears an arrogant expression, betraying the assured self-confidence of a young artist at the height of his ability. His presence dominates the pictorial space, from his hat which almost reaches the top of the canvas to his arm positioned on the lower ledge, where he rests his fingers enclosed in fine rich gloves.

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Oil on panel
52.0 x 41.0cm
Image and text courtesy of Wikipedia, 2021

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Museo Nacional del Prado
Permanent collection