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An Apple, Grapes and a Hazelnut on a Mossy Bank

Hunt worked mainly as a watercolorist, painting genre subjects and still-lives. The latter characteristically show fruits, nuts, and natural elements such as birds' nests presented with a sense of heightened realism. This small, beautiful example centers on an apple with a distinctive flaw, a cluster of grapes, and hazelnut still clad in its papery outer skin, all lying near a mossy bank. The artist was known for his uncanny ability to render the bloom on fruit, seen here on the grapes, achieved with tiny dots of watercolor applied over a matt layer of Chinese white. This technique anticipates those used by the Pre-Raphaelities.

Credit: Purchase, Brooke Russell Astor Bequest, 2013...

Watercolor and graphite, heightened with white
9.4 x 13.0cm
Image and text © Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2019

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