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The Old Town, Cagnes

Andre Derain had a long journey as an artist. He had a great interest in pointillists and Van Gogh, and together with Matisse he became one of the founding fathers of fauvism in 1905. However, later his artistic vision changed completely. Under the influence of Cezanne, his palette became muted and dominated by greenish, gray, and brownish shades. Andre Derain became increasingly interested in resolving the problems of shapes, and his compositions became more structural, similar to the art works of Picasso and Braques. He was one of the first artists to collect African sculptures. He was also inspired by children’s drawings, classical works by the old masters, Italian and French primitivism, and the European Gothic. Derain’s painting “The Old Town” shows the medieval quarter in the town of Cagnes, with a castle seen in the mountainous background. His architectural shapes are more geometrical, the strokes are thicker, and little difference can be seen between the renderings of organic and inorganic nature; all of these are traits of cezannism that also approach cubism. However, most cubists in this period prefer darker palettes. The coloring in Derain’s landscape is built around saturated orange, blue, and green shades, looking very fauvist.
Oil on canvas
66.0 x 82.0cm

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The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

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