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Balance (82.92)

A portable set of balance scales in a box with small brass rectangular weights. Used to weigh gold dust and nuggets. This is a portable, hand-held set of balance scales, consisting of a central iron beam of equal arms suspended from a post. The hammered brass pans are suspended from each side by three lengths of green string. The enclosed box has 19 recesses for small rectangular brass weights of varying sizes, as well as a recess for the scale itself. Also included are four brass cups in graduated sizes. The box itself is painted brown inside, except for the recesses which are unpainted and lined with printed paper. Each weight is assigned to its respective place by a designation painted in re...
Metal, brass, wood, paper
1.0 x 3.6 x 3.2 in
Image and text: DAR Museum, 2024

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DAR Museum
Permanent collection

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