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View on the coast of Scotland


Gudin was a marine artist, based in Paris during the mid-nineteenth century. His paintings were much sought after and as a result he made a considerable fortune, maintaining a large house in Central Paris (Chateau de Beaujon) as well as a home just outside the city.

Gudin married the Hon. Margaret-Louis Hay, the daughter of General Lord James Hay and Elizabeth Forbes of Seaton, and a granddaughter of George Hay, 7th Marquess of Tweeddale. He travelled extensively around Europe and, according to his memoirs ('Les Souvenirs du Baron Gudin'), subsequent to his marriage spent a considerable time in Scotland at Dunrobin Castle and Seaton with his wife's relatives....

Oil on canvas
46.3 x 61.8cm
Images and text © Bowes Museum, 2017

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