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This buckle consists of two almond-shaped pieces made of mother-of-pearl with a jagged frame of silver on a copper plaque. The upper external tips of the frame end in small silver anthemia, affixed on the back side. On one piece St George is carved on the mother-of-pearl, and on the other St Demetrius. Both are on horseback and similarly dressed in military uniforms and haloed. St George runs his spear into the dragon’s open mouth, and St Demetrius into the throat of a sprawling enemy as blood spurts out. The blood is in red, as are other details of the portrayals, while the eyes are black dots. The dragon’s tail ends in an arrow. The warrior defeated by St Demetrius wears a helmet and has a sw...

18th century
Mother-of-pearl, silver and copper
9.0 x 26.0cm
Image and text © The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia

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