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Head-and-shoulders marble bust on a round socle, the sitter facing forward, his hair worn medium length and parted almost centrally. He is shown in vice-admiral's full-dress uniform (two shoulder stars), wearing the ribands of the Bath and St Ferdinand, the stars of the Crescent (reversed), the Bath and St Ferdinand, and two Naval gold medals worn from the neck (for St Vincent above and the Nile below, the latter inscribed 'NILE / AUGUST / 1 / MDCCXCVIII'. Below the stars another medal with the figures of 'Victory' and 'Britannia' is suspended from a ribbon bow, resembling the obverse of the Naval gold medal but probably intended to be the Nile medal issued privately by Nelson's agent, Alexande...
c. 1806
749.0 x 533.0 x 280.0 mm
Image and text © Royal Museums Greenwich, 2021

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