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Le Grand Seigneur donnant un concert à sa maîtresse (The Grand Turk giving a Concert to his Mistress

The painting is a masterwork of French genre painting and one of the best examples of Turqueries, scenes set in an imaginary Turkish environment. Carle Vanloo exhibited the painting at the Salon of 1737, the first held after settling in Paris and his admission to the Academy. Vanloo, still at the beginning of his career, was showing works in a variety of genres to attract attention for commissions. It is one of his best genre works. Shortly afterwards he became highly successful as a history painter and rarely painted genre scenes. The date in the signature must originally have read '1737'.

Vanloo painted a scene with obvious Turkish references, the fashion for 'Oriental' scenes being at its p...

Oil on canvas
72.5 x 91.0cm
Images and text © Wallace Collection, 2017

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