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Charlotte Stuart, Duchess of Albany, 1753 - 1789. Daughter of Prince Charles Edward Stuart

Charlotte was the only child of Prince Charles and Clementine Walkinshaw. After her mother left Charles in 1760, she spent her childhood living in France. In 1773 mother and daughter travelled to Rome, but they were rebuffed and sent home. However, in 1784 Charles had a change of heart. He recognised Charlotte as his legitimate daughter and heiress, naming her the 'Duchess of Albany'. She then travelled to Italy and nursed her father in his last years. She was described as tall, well-made, lively and very affable, but she was already terminally ill herself and died the year after her father. Charlotte left behind a secret. Before joining her father she had an illicit relationship with Prince Fe...

Oil on canvas
25.7 x 22.0cm
PG 623
Image and text © National Galleries of Scotland, 2020