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The shop records of Philadelphia silversmiths Joseph Richardson and his son, Joseph Richardson, Jr., show that they produced and retailed a variety of items for the genteel women of the city, including chatelaines, thimbles, knitting needles, bodkins, needle cases, and silver bands for pincushions. This chatelaine by the younger Richardson is engraved "SW" in flowing script with delicate floral sprigs curving around the letters. It belonged to Sarah Wetherill (1776-1840) of Philadelphia, who married Joshua Lippincott around 1799. Hooked to a woman's belt or waistband, the chatelaine served as a piece of jewelry as well as a means to organize various domestic accessories. Sewing implements and personal goods such as watches, keys, vinaigrettes (for smelling salts), and coin purses could all be suspended on chains or ribbons from the loop on the front of the chatelaine.

Geography: Made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Culture: American

Period: 18th century

Credit: Mabel Brady Garvan Collection

5.9 x 1.1cm
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