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This casket is made from amber - a form of fossilised tree resin. The amber for this casket came from the Baltic Sea and it was made in Königsberg, now Kaliningrad, the former capital of Prussia, which was the leading centre for amber carving in the 17th century and the home of a lucrative trade in luxury objects designed to be worn or displayed in princely collections.

With three small drawers in the base tier, the casket could have housed precious items like jewels, as well as being an amazing spectacle in itself. Each of the three boxes stacked above opens, allowing light to shine through and illuminate carvings inside the lids and bases. No expense has been spared: it is decorated on ever...

c 1660
Amber, ivory, wood, brass and string
430.0 x 404.0 x 255.0 cm
Image and text © Waddesdon Manor, 2019

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