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Object Image

Copy press (90.154)

A copy press with a drawer. Press platen is controlled by a wood screw and reproduction handle. Case dovetailed together with pine bottom set into rabbits and secured with cut nails. Top flush secured to sides with cut nails, platen supports lap-dovetailed to sides, box top dovetailed to platen supports and secured together with nails and cut finish nails, turned wood screw morticed and tenoned to platen batten and secured with square wood pins, platen batten glued in place. Drawer dovetail construction with quarter oak bottom slid into grooves and secured with glue blocks.

Provenance Narrative James Watt patented the copy press in 1780. Letters were written with a special slow drying ink ...

Mahogany, oak and pine
15.0 x 14.0 x 9.5 in
Image and text: DAR Museum, 2024

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