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Crazy (82.118)

Pieced crazy quilt of silks and velvets with embroidery, commemorative ribbons and a piece of a printed scarf from the "World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893".

The quilt top consists of 25 blocks, all but one of varied shaped pieces of printed and solid velvet and silk fabrics. Commemorative ribbons are placed randomly about the quilt. Colors used are many, with greens, rusts, beiges, browns and burgundies predominating. Embroidered motifs include a spider's web, tree, flowers, crosses, wreath, and sheaf of wheat. Stitches are many and include cross stitch, herringbone, feather and buttonhole. One red velvet border with crazy blocks in corners surrounds the 25 individual blocks that are ...
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Silk, cotton
79.0 x 79.0in
Image and text: DAR Museum, 2023

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DAR Museum
Permanent collection