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"Cupola Graph" Brooch from the "Lineare" Series

In his Lineare series, Sergey Jivetin explored human perception and how one might visualize an object that exists in multiple dimensions. In considering the properties of such an object, Jivetin used optical illusions to denote presence and disappearance simultaneously. Cupola Graph evokes the form of an architectural cupola through the interplay of positive and negative space. By juxtaposing the visible and the invisible, Jivetin's composition encourages the viewer's eye to oscillate between seeing a flat graph and a volumetric brooch.

Geography: Made in New Paltz, New York

Culture: American

Period: 21st century

Credit: Gift of the Susan Grant Lewin Collection ...
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Sterling silver and nitinol (nickel and titanium alloy)
7.6 x 5.1 x 0.3 cm
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