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Object Image

Woman Reading near a Goldfish Tank

A prominent figure on the Berlin art scene, Corinth resided with his family in an imposing three-story apartment. Charlotte Berend-Corinth has arranged a reading niche, adorned with abundant plants and a goldfish tank. In 1911, Corinth spent four days working on this portrait of his wife clad in a striped velvet dress. He wanted to capture every detail. The artist applied the paint in an impressionistic manner using swift brushstrokes and an array of vibrant colors, while white highlights enliven the scene. His gaze from above emphasizes this sense of a cropped slice of daily life. At the same time, Corinth has skillfully captured the atmosphere of the moment....

Oil on canvas
74.0 x 90.5cm
Image © Belvedere, Vienna, 2023

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Upper Belvedere
Permanent collection

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