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Pierre, McQueen, Taylor

"Pierre, McQueen, Taylor" approx 48 x 48 ins., acrylic and spraypaint on paper bond print with image and Foamcore, is part of Hinnebusch's "Oceanfront Series," a group of approx. 50 paintings. They were made on halved 4 foot by 8 foots sheets of foamcore Hinnebusch recycled from a Christmas commercial which Hinnebusch was a production asssistant on. While on the Venice Beach boardwalk, Hinnebusch met and be-friended former Time Magazine art editor and writer Alexander Eliot, who suggested he drop the name of the series as it might be confused with Richard Diebenkorn's "Ocean Park" paintings and not call the work a series at all as it wouldn't help. Mr. Eliot also named Hinnebusch's p...
Acrylic, spray paint, felt-tip pen, fiberboard, mixed media
121.92 x 121.92cm
Image courtesy of WikiArt