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Design for a Bedroom, Hotel de Mailly-Nesle, Paris

Design for a bedroom. Only the main wall is depicted. Three steps lead up to an alcove, the center of which is occupied by a bed. The bed is framed by a drapery, pulled back by two female statues. Unevenly spaced columns support the front entablature. Four candelabra stand between the columns. The candelabra are composed of a warrior and a girl supporting trays with candlesticks. The wall behind is richly ornamented with reliefs. Two main relief panels show two figures leaning against large oval medallions. At the top, is a part of a curved ceiling, showing two captives and trophies of weapons, two girls beside an escutcheon, a segment of a painting, the sky, and putti. At the far left is shown...

Pen and black ink, brush and wash, over black chalk on paper, lined with two sheets of heavy paper and framed with blue paper colored black and strips of gold paper
Image and text © Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, 2020

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