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Dipleidoscope dial for latitudes 0°-90° North. It has a square base of oxidised brass set on three small feet. Set on to the base are two bubble levels and the compass. The compass has a white metal inside, a raised degree scale and its cardinal and quadrantal points named in English initials. At the South end of the instrument, two pillars support a horizontal rod with a screw end to allow an adjustment for latitude. The latitude scale is mounted on the West pillar. At the South end of the unit is an engraved white metal hour scale. A brass marker attached to the axis indicates the time. The dial has an optical unit consisting of a squat cylinder, in the upper face of which is a blue glass ape...

Brass, oxidised brass, white metal, glass, steel
205.0 x 120.0 x 130.0 mm
Image and text © Royal Museums Greenwich, 2021

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The Royal Observatory
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