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Eve, the Only One Left to Us (Éve la seule qui nous reste) from Natural History (Histoire naturelle)

Ernst created these images by placing paper atop various materials—wood floorboards, lengths of twine, leaves, wire mesh, crumpled paper, crusts of bread—and rubbing the surface with a pencil or crayon. Inspired by the resulting textures, he added details to transform them into fantastical landscapes, objects, and creatures. Ernst called his process frottage (French for “rubbing”) and claimed it as a form of Surrealist automatism, whereby an artist attempts to let the unconscious guide his hand in the creation of an image.

Credit: Gift of James Thrall Soby...

c. 1925, published 1926
One from a portfolio of 34 collotypes after frottage
49.8 x 32.3cm
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Text © MoMA - Museum of Modern Art, New York

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