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Object Image

One of a series of paintings, for which Cadell is justly famed, of an elegant, fashionably dressed woman in the lavish setting of a Edinburgh New Town drawing room. Carefully posed, her arm resting on the back of her chair, she is arrayed in fur collar, kid gloves and with a glint of gold hoop earring against an impressive feathered hat - the height of sophistication.

An added sense of light and depth is introduced by the reflection in the mirror, a favourite device often used by the artist. The pink roses and the porcelain vase add to the sense of richness in the composition and are freely painted in fast, loose brushstrokes.

Credit: Purchased, 1926

c. 1926
Oil on canvas
1016.0 x 762.0mm
Images and text: CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection, 2024