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Goya adds a satirical twist to this supposedly innocent scene. It seems that a romantic outing has gone terribly wrong. The remains of a picnic lie on the tablecloth: pieces of bread, two almost-empty plates and bottles of wine. To the right, a man appears to be unwell, probably from drinking too much.

In the centre, a man holding a full glass of wine tries to flirt with the woman sat near him. She - presumably the sick man's picnic companion - looks out at us, seemingly rejecting his advances. Another man leans on his hand, fast asleep. Behind him, three men are deep in conversation, as if plotting to take advantage of the situation - two look out at us, amused.

This sketch is one of a serie...

Oil on canvas
41.3 x 25.8cm
Image and text © The National Gallery, London, 2024

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