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View from Floyd's Grave, 1300 Miles above St. Louis

"'Floyd's Grave' is a name given to one of the most lovely and imposing mounds or bluffs on the Missouri River, about twelve hundred miles above St. Louis, from the melancholy fate of Serjeant Floyd, who was of Lewis and Clark's expedition, in 1806; who died on the way, and whose body was taken to this beautiful hill, and buried in its top, where now stands a cedar post, bearing the initials of his name... I landed my canoe in front of this grass-covered mound, and... several times ascended it and sat upon his grave, overgrown with grass and the most delicate wild flowers, where I... contemplated the solitude and stillness of this tenanted mound; and beheld from its top, the windings infinite o...
Oil on canvas
28.5 x 36.6cm
Image and text: Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2024

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