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Gothic Cathedral by the Water

Gothic Cathedral by a River (German - Gotischer Dom am Wasser) is an 1813 painting by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. It shows an imaginary Gothic cathedral on an island in a river - Schinkel later became a noted proponent of neo-Gothic architecture. It is now in the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin. Painted in the late afternoon, the sun setting behind the cathedral shines through the intricate tracery of the towers, illuminating their fine detail, such as the spiral staircase and the connecting bridge.

The painting is notable by virtue of the number of replica and derivative works produced, the authorship of which are a matter of debate. On Shinkels's death in 1841 three replica versions existed, one...

80.0 x 106.5cm
A III 842
Image and text courtesy of Wikipedia, 2022

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Alte Nationalgalerie
Permanent collection