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Multimedia conceptual artist Thomas explores as a recurring theme in his work the commodification and exploitation of Black male identity in America. Through historical references, Thomas embeds layers of meaning into his works, making poignant connections to moments and events that were pivotal violations against humanity. Guernica is a true-to-scale replication of Picasso’s renowned work of the same title, painted in 1937 as a reaction to the bombing of the village of Guernica by German air forces during the Spanish Civil War. The piece is a brutal depiction of war and the suffering it inflicts. Thomas’s Guernica comments on the dichotomy of the ongoing pattern of disproportionate violence against Black males in America, while the professional sports industry relies on Black males for spectacle and entertainment. In the most recent statistics, Black players make up 70% of the NFL and 75% of the NBA, while comprising a negligible percentage of the coaching, administrative, marketing, and media personnel.
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