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Theresa Bernstein often painted urban scenes and everyday people at play throughout the 1920s, finding inspiration in New York's music venues. The Hot Chocolates jazz revue started in a Harlem nightclub, Connie's Inn, and then moved to Broadway's Hudson Theatre. Over the course of its production, Hot Chocolates featured notable jazz performers Fats Waller, Edith Wilson, Cab Calloway, and Louis Armstrong in his Broadway debut. This painting's lively composition and rich colors capture the syncopated elements of jazz, as well as the boisterous mood of the show itself. As Harlem Renaissance gossip columnist Geraldyn Dismond wrote in 1929, some parts of Hot Chocolates could "make even a flapper blu...
Ca. 1919-1928
Oil on canvas
76.8 x 101.6cm
Image and text: Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2024

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