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Ichikawa Danjuro V as a Chivalrous Commoner (Gonin Otoko) from the Play "Hatsumonbi kuruwa Soga"

Famous actors are dressed as chivalrous commoners (otokodate), the fearless street toughs who protected ordinary people from lawless hatamoto samurai. Here, the actors strike their characteristic poses (mie), with Danjuro V appearing leftmost. Shunsho presents the five in kimono on which is the emblem of each particular role, along with actor's family crest. In the designs on Danjuro V's costume are the character sen under crossed hammers on the outer garment (haori) and the family crest of three nested squares on his inner garment, which is partially obscured.

Credit: Purchase, Joseph Pulitzer Bequest, 1918 (JP396a-d)

Rogers Fund, 1922 (JP396e) ...
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2nd month, 1780
Pentaptych of polychrome woodblock prints; ink and color on paper
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