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In Aesthetic Style with Diagonal Opening

Rectangular, with rounded corners, featuring alternating, applied, diagonal bands of bead and leaf ornament, a horizontal band of bead and flower motifs directly beneath, as well as intersecting horizontal bands of bead and spiral motifs at opposite mid-section. All ornament wraps around box body. Undecorated surfaces are slightly mottled. Hinge located on lower corner so that box opens on the diagonal, seperating the bead, leaf, and flower ornament from the bead and spiral. When opened, an unadorned, interior match container is revealed, also attached at corner hinge, so that it may swing from side to side. Striker attached to one side of interior container.

Credit: Gift of Stephen W. Brener ...

c. 1875
Image and text © Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, 2020

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