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Object Image
Erwin Hauer creates sculptural screens and decorations for modern architecture. This hanging, cast sculpture originated from an exploration of intersecting circles that Hauer developed in the early 1950s. He conceived of Intercircles  in 1957 and made a cast in epoxy resin in 1958. A decade later, he recast it in aluminum as a present for his teacher and mentor Josef Albers. Intercircles marked the beginning of Hauer's decision to work in finite dimensions. Unlike the rest of his modular work of the 1950s, this sculpture was not intended for infinite expansion or for the architectural mass-market. Hauer says he "deliberately limited the number of repetitions and considered it an autonomous, fin ...
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designed 1957, cast c. 1968
Sand cast aluminum with white teflon finish
61.0 x 81.3 x 13.7 cm
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