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Invented Man Revealing Still Life

Invented Man Revealing Still Life expresses the playful dualities-abstraction and realism, flatness and depth-- that characterize much of David Hockney's art. His imaginary man, composed of the abstract forms of a blocky torso and stick-like legs, raises a curtain to reveal a relatively realistic vase of flowers. Hockney overturns the laws of perspective by placing the two-dimensional, flat figure in front of a three-dimensional table that seems to recede toward an imaginary vanishing point. On closer inspection, the back horizontal edge of the table is wider than the front, contradicting the spatial illusion. In Invented Man Revealing Still Life, Hockney's playful manipulation of space and for...
Oil on canvas
92.1 x 73.0cm
Text © The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, 2020

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