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'As the Old Sing, so Pipe the Young'

In addition to Jan Steen's large painting of the proverb 'As the Old Sing, So Pipe the Young' (inv. no. 742), the Mauritshuis owns this smaller version, presumably made somewhat earlier. It belonged to the collection of Prince William V. As in the larger version, various elements refer to the bad example set by the adults, which the youngsters eagerly follow with their copycat 'piping': a laughing man with a dark hat (based on a selfportrait of Steen) sits at a table and draws on his long Gouda pipe, while a young woman sitting next to him fills a pipe of her own. The boy next to her plays the recorder and behind him stands a bagpipe player. Here, too, the bird cage and wine-drinking are promin...
c. 1663-1665
Oil on canvas
91.9 x 83.8cm
Images and text © Mauritshuis, 2022

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