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The Coming of Bride

Cecile Walton, writing to her husband Eric Robertson, described The Coming of Bride as Duncan's 'happy picture'. It is based on the Celtic legend of Angus and Bride. Bride was held captive by Beira, Queen of Winter. In order to find her, Beira's son Angus, who was in love with Bride, casts a spell of calm on sea and land by borrowing three days from August. He finds her on 13 February which becomes 'Bride's Day' and marks the first day of spring. The painting is full of spring flowers: primroses, azaleas, laburnum, lilac, tulips and grape hyacinth. Duncan specialised in scenes from Scottish history and Celtic legend. He was part of the Celtic Renascence movement which flourished in Edinburgh at...

Tempera on canvas
1511.0 x 1511.0mm
Images and text: CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection, 2023