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The Siege of Lille Signed and dated

John Wootton, one of the earliest native English painters, was extensively patronised by the Royal family during the reign of George II: Queen Caroline visited his studio in 1732, by which time he was already working for her son, Frederick, Prince of Wales.

This pair of giant siege paintings was first mentioned by George Vertue as underway in November 1739; Wootton was paid 300 guineas each (one payment of £300 and another of £330) in 1742 (the date which appears on the canvasses); Paul Petit submitted a bill for the frames in 1743. The paintings were set up at Leicester House in 1745 where they were seen on the Grand Staircase by George Vertue in 1750.

The capture of the fortresses of Lille ...
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Oil on canvas
311.2 x 490.3cm
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