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Laggan Farm Buildings Near Dalbeattie

Brightly coloured painting of a rural landscape. The view is of a farmstead with the farm buildings standing at the very left of the composition in the middle distance. In the foreground is a wheat field with large haystacks. Background is dominated by huge green trees, leaving only small space for clear blue sky in the top corners of the painting.

Peploe was strongly influenced by French painting throughout his life. During the war years spent in Kirkcudbright and surrounding places in the Dumfries and Galloway area at the south of Scotland, his treatment of landscape as a composition of repeated angular planes was strongly reminiscent of the works of Paul Cézanne. Following the Cézanne's lea...

c. 1916
Oil on panel
318.0 x 381.0mm
Images and text: CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection, 2024