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Loss of the soil

Liseth Amaya is a first-generation American born to undocumented, central American parents. Her paintings and drawings scrutinise identity and playfully place her enigmatic characters front and centre. Having lived in the US, France, UK and Mexico, Amaya uses personal and found photographs and weaves together memories, stories and personal experiences. Her canvases are vibrant and mysterious scenes belonging to a fictional world, which she gives life to, incorporating characters that intertwine issues of perception, citizenship, diaspora, displacement, and identity. She creates a world which to some seems familiar and to others intriguing, even uncomfortable. Amaya created this painting during her 2018 residency at the Slade School of Art's London Summer Intensive, and says “It’s a piece that continues my investigation into identity, freedom of mobility and belonging”.
Oil on linen
170.0 x 150.0cm
© Liseth Amaya. Image courtesy of The Ingram Collection & Liseth Amaya

This work is part of The Ingram Collection of Modern British & Contemporary Art and was on loan to the Lightbox for the exhibition "Redressing the balance: Women Artists from The Ingram Collection" (11 August - 20 September 2020).

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