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Basket of Peaches, with Quinces, and Plums

Last year, LACMA acquired a large painting by Isaac Moillon, an artist better known for his work at the Aubusson Manufactory. Isaac was the brother of the better-known Louise Moillon, a painter of still-lifes established in Paris in the first half of the seventeenth century. Both were children of Nicolas Moillon, himself a – now forgotten – artist.

Still-life was considered a minor genre in seventeenth century France. For that reason few painters devoted their talent to painting the material world. As a woman, and as a Calvinist, Louise Moillon was, socially-speaking, an outsider; the otherness of her condition may have as a result to helped to abolish some of the strictures that regulated art...

Oil on canvas
26.0 x 33.3in

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