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Machine-made openwork samples

"Embroidered net" produced by the Schiffli Machine.

Credit: Gift of The George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum

c. 1910
Medium: cardboard, linen, silk, metallic Technique: linen embroidery with ground cloth dissolved Examples of embroidery on net produced by the Schiffli machine Metallic embroidery on net Machine-made openwork in imitation of hand-embroidered net Mostly floral and a few geometric patterns, some designs described as "Spanish" Imitation hand-made filet Machine filet Imitation filet crochet Ploven (burnt-out lace) Fancy curtain lace made on the Levers machines Real filet (handmade) next to Machine-made filet Spotted curtain nets, made chiefly at Nottingham, England and Caudry, France.
Image and text © Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, 2020

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