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Processional scenes are a common mode of representation on Maya painted vessels. On each side of this vessel a noble lord prepares to dance with a lady. While the two women are clearly differentiated in dress and facial expression, the opposing male figure of a lord may in fact be the same individual, as the facial profiles with goatee beards are identical. The lord’s headdress features a band of jaguar pelts crowned by an animal head. The second male, standing between the two pairs of figures, is possibly an attendant. He holds a baton of a type that appears also in war scenes, here perhaps simply indicating his status. Just below the rim is the Primary Standard Sequence, a formulaic text that...

c. A.D. 750–800
Polychromed ceramic
25.8 x 25.8cm
AG 1979.02
Image and text © Kimbell Art Museum, 2018

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