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Mick-e-no-páh, Chief of the Tribe

George Catlin painted Mick-e-no-páh at Fort Moultrie, Charleston, South Carolina, in January 1838. He wrote of the Seminole chief: "Mick-e-no-pah is the head chief of the tribe, and a very lusty and dignified man. He took great pleasure in being present every day in my room, whilst I was painting the others; but positively refused to be painted, until he found that a bottle of whiskey, and another of wine, which I kept on my mantelpiece... were only to deal out their occasional kindnesses to those who sat for their portraits; when he at length agreed to be painted, 'if I could make a fair likeness of his legs,' which he had very tastefully dressed in a handsome pair of red leggings, and upon wh...
Oil on canvas
73.7 x 60.9cm
Image and text: Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2024

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