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Mother’s Affection

Georgios Iakovidis studied first at the School of Arts in Athens and later at the Munich Academy. He remained in Munich until 1900, when he returned to Greece to become the first director of the newly established National Gallery; he also worked as a professor of painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts. A seminal figure in the history of academic 19th-century Greek art, he belongs to the so-called School of Munich, that is, the Greek artists who studied in the Bavarian capital in the 19th century.

Iakovidis is known as ‘the painter of childhood’, as he most enjoyed painting scenes of peaceful family life and tender moments in which children feature prominently. Genre and outdoor scenes were...

c. 1889
Oil on canvas
28.0 x 22.0cm
Text & Image © A. G. Leventis Gallery

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