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Bust length, charcoal on pink paper portrait of the wife Mrs. Moses Little.

The image is entirely in black and white. Little is depicted as a woman of about 40. She is set against a flat, dark background and framed by a gilded hexagonal shape. The outside of the hexagon is matte black, with a small gilded floral shapes in each corner. She is in profile, facing the left side of the canvas. Her hair is worn in Regency style, piled high on her head in a looped knot, secured with a comb, and with a braid of her hair is looped around the crown of her head. It is tightly curled at the edges. She has thin eyebrows, a long, downturned nose and a round chin. She wears a dangling earring with two round ...

c. 1810
22.8 x 19.8in
Image and text: DAR Museum, 2024

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