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The Arcadian Sheperds, also known as Et in Arcadia ego

The Shepherds of Arcadia (in French, Les Bergers d'Arcadie), popularly known as Et in Arcadia ego, is a painting by the French painter Nicolas Poussin. It is executed in oil on canvas. It is 85 cm high and 121 cm wide. It was painted in 1637 and 1638. It is in the Louvre Museum, Paris (France). This painting was included in the Louvre Exhibition in Atlanta, which was organised for the High Museum of Art and opened in January 2007.

The work belongs to the mythological, allegorical and bucolic genre, and depicts three idealised shepherds and a lady arranged before an austere tomb.

With this title, Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) painted two pastoral paintings depicting idealised shepherds of classi...

Oil on canvas
0.85 x 1.21m
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