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In the War of the Spanish Succession, Shovell brought home the silver captured by Sir George Rooke at Vigo in 1702. Returning home from an attack on Toulon in 1707, in his flagship 'Association', he was lost with over 1300 men when his ship and two others were wrecked off the Isles of Scilly.

The Swedish painter Michael Dahl travelled to London in 1682 where he became acquainted with Godfrey Kneller. In 1685, he left for Europe and then returned to London in 1689 where he remained. During Dahl's absence, Kneller consolidated his supremacy as the fashionable portrait painter, although the prolific Dahl was his closest competitor. Politically, Kneller supported the ascendant Whigs, while Dahl wa...

March 1702 - January 1705
Oil on canvas
1270.0 x 1015.0mm
Image and text © Royal Museums Greenwich, 2021

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