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One of a pair with BHC1214. The artist has portrayed the two ships, 'Erebus' and 'Terror' in the Antarctic. They represent the only human presence in an environment of rough peaks, glaciers, mountains and jagged rocks. The two ships are portrayed tossed in the waves as they navigate a passage though a sound. The ship to the right is signalling with flags to the other. In the foreground is Carmichael's interpretation of the wildlife to be found in the Antarctic. A whale sends up a jet of water in the foreground to the left.

Carmichael was a prolific artist who produced drawings and engravings for the British newspapers of the time. However, as he did not accompany Ross the painting is not an ey...

Oil on canvas
1232.0 x 1842.0mm
Image and text © Royal Museums Greenwich, 2021

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National Maritime Museum
Permanent collection