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Passare III #37 27

Best known for his experimental film-making, within his work he has explored what helps make up the nature of cinema, using the basic elements of the medium to move away from its traditional uses. These pieces therefore act almost as precursors to his films, allowing us to see how he generates some of the optical effects in his film works. Passare, which is an Italian verb meaning to pass/go by/through, represents a sequence of time. These pieces therefore demonstrate the structures of the film. A solid line of colour illustrates each individual frame as it would appear in sequence in the film. There are a variety of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines for the duration, which are juxtaposed with sequences of colour, showing us how Sharits visualised the passage of each frame of the filmstrip through the projector. These are all about how film is perceived in conscious movement, being broken down to its basic elements. These two drawings form part of a whole which is intended to depict the physical qualities of film, each coloured unit represents a single frame, with each second of the film being composed of 24 frames.

Presented by The Art Fund under Art Fund International

Felt-tip pen, ink and pencil on paper

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