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Peter Getting Out of Nick's Pool

This painting won the John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 6 (now known as the John Moores Painting Prize) in 1967. It shows the communal swimming pool of an apartment block at 1145 Larrabee Street, Hollywood, just north of Sunset Boulevard. This was the home of one of Hockney's friends, the art dealer and gallery owner Nick Wilder. Hockney lived there from summer 1966 until early 1967 whilst at the same time renting a decrepit studio in central Los Angeles. Hockney's boyfriend, Peter Schlesinger, a 19-year old painter whom he had met while teaching, is the naked figure climbing out of the pool.

Hockney copied the figure of Peter from a Polaroid photograph that he had taken, showing him leaning na...

Acrylic paint, Canvas
152.0 x 152.0cm
WAG 6605
Image and text: Walker Art Gallery, 2023

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