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The Painter's Garden

From the late1880s Renoir suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. As his condition worsened his doctors advised him to spend more time in the warm climate of the South of France. In 1907 Renoir bought a property in Cagnes, called Les Collettes. This is a view of the garden. Renoir's hasty and expressive brushstrokes suggest the bright sunshine and joy of a warm summer's day.

Renoir's property at Les Collettes was extensive. It consisted of five and three-quarter acres, and had 145 olive trees, orange trees, rosebushes and a farm. Renoir had a villa constructed, which took a year to build. Besides bedrooms for family, servants and guests, this villa had two indoor studios, a dining room, a living r...

c. 1903
Oil on canvas
332.0 x 460.0mm
Images and text: CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection, 2024