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Woman in Black

This lyrical image of a typical "Renoir woman" is the embodiment of natural harmony and femininity. Painted at the height of the Impressionist movement, the work demonstrates a mastery of complex nuances of colour, best seen in the treatment of the black dress. The dress reveals a multitude of different shades of grey and greyish-blue as it is caught by the light, the only use of true black being in the darkest of shadows. There is a similarly skilful use of colour reflections in the white cuffs and collar. The face is painted less broadly and in more detail. This device, characteristic of Renoir's portraits, is combined with a free, vibrant brushstrokes. It has been suggested that the sitter i...
c. 1876
Oil on canvas
65.5 x 55.5cm
Image and text © The Hermitage Museum

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