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Still Life with Tazza

Various objects appear to have been casually left on a laid table. Together they form a still life that is dominated by the large glass - a rummer. Around this lie pewter plates carrying a lemon and plump olives, a roll and a handful of nuts. To the right, a lavishly decorated silver drinking vessel - a tazza - lies on its side. All these objects reflect the light in their own way.

This is one of Haarlem painter Pieter Claesz's finest paintings. Together with Willem Heda, he introduced this kind of 'monochrome banquet piece'. These were painted with a limited palette, here predominantly shades of grey, brown and green.

Gift of Willem, Baron van Dedem to the Friends of the Mauritshuis Foundation, 2002

Oil on panel
61.0 x 44.0cm
Images and text © Mauritshuis, 2022

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